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Unser Schreibblock “Hello” in der allerersten Ausgabe des neuen “Harmony”-Magazins. Dankeschön! Welch eine Riesen-Ehre…!

P.S. Der runde Briefbeschwerer aus Glas mit kleiner Pusteblume ist von unseren Freunden aus dem “Süper”-Store in Kreuzberg.

// Our writing pad “Hello” was featured in the very first issue of “Harmony” magazine. Thanks a zillion. We feel incredibly honoured.

P.S. … and check out the paper weight with the little dandelion in it. If you happen to be in Berlin soon, visit our friends from “Süper” Store in Kreuzberg, they are running a very lovley shop with incredibly special and well chosen things!


Harmony Magazin Petersen Hellopetersen BerlinHarmony Magazin Petersen Hellopetersen Berlin_2

Harmony Magazin Petersen Hellopetersen Berlin_3

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